South Carolina Health Insurance Exchange

* South Carolina will NOT start its own health insurance exchange.
* South Carolina will NOT expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.

South Carolina Rejects A State Health Insurance Exchange

High profile governor Nikki Haley and Senator Jim DeMint have gone on the national stage to fight the ACA also known as Obama Care. Creation of state exchanges they feel will make it harder to get rid of the law later down the line and so predictably, there will not be any state marketplace in South Carolina. The state is one of the leaders fighting the ACA and the increased role of government in health care.

If you live in South Carolina and need health insurance in 2014, you will need to visit the federal marketplace that has been set up to handle people from the states that don’t have their own exchanges. That website can be found in the links section below. Please note that you cannot apply for insurance coverage until October 2013 and it will not kick in until January 2014.


No Medicaid Expansion For South Carolina

The South Carolina Senate voted in May 2013 NOT to expand Medicaid in the state. Having many more Republicans than Democrats meant that the likelihood of any expansion was slim from the start.

Medicaid is how many low income families obtain health insurance and it is a big part of the Affordable Car Act. However, it would mean more tax dollars would have to be found to keep the program going at those higher levels. At a time when the economy is in such dire straights like it is now, many states are voting not to grow the program as President Obama had wanted. Being able to choose whether to expand Medicaid or not was the result of a Supreme Court ruling that made it a state by state choice rather than a requirement.