State Health Insurance Exchanges Need Young People Or They Will Flop

The Affordable Care Act is running into a lot of problems as the start date nears.

1) As we all know, the Obama administration has delayed the employer mandate for one year until 2015. So as of right now, companies big and small don’t have to provide insurance to their employees and yet all of us will still be fined if we don’t have insurance. Giving a pass to businesses and yet still requiring every American to have insurance is just outright wrong!

2) It seems the unions are now pushing back on the ACA as well. They are starting to realize that Obama Care will actually hurt a lot of Americans instead of make things better. Read this letter from James Hoffa describing the problems with the Affordable Care Act and the different ways it puts union members in a worse position than they are in now. My goodness, if the liberal unions in this country are crying foul, there must really be problems with the new health care law.

3) Finally, the ACA has to get the younger generations to sign up or it will flat out fail. We all know older people want health insurance because they are the ones that need it the most. As you get older, health challenges become more common and insurance becomes necessary. But for people in their 20’s and 30’s who have never had any health problems, paying for ObamaCare may not be something they feel they need or want to afford. If they opt to just pay the IRS penalty, the new health care exchanges and the whole system may implode.

The ACA is counting on getting everyone signed up from the young to the old. Just like Social Security, it depends on the young and healthy paying into the system to support the older participants who may have more health care needs. If the young don’t feel the necessity to pay into the system, the costs are going to be overwhelming and this whole experiment of socialized medicine will fail.

In the coming months we are going to see an absolute barrage of advertising from all sorts of entities trying to get young people excited about the new health insurance exchanges. Every state that has started their own exchange will sink millions into advertising in the effort to “educate” its citizens, both young and old. The health insurance companies themselves will be advertising all over the place to drum up enthusiasm and business.

The Obama Administration and its tentacle departments will also be spending millions of dollars on every kind of advertisement imaginable. ObamaCare isn’t free and so they will need to make spending money on insurance appear to be the right thing to do. Social media sites will be a main focus because that is where the youngsters hang out and that is the biggest group that needs convincing. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all the other “cool” sites will be deluged with ads, mostly being payed for with our taxpayer dollars.

Get ready for the media onslaught!