Target Is Latest Company To Discontinue Health Benefits To Part Time Employees Citing ObamaCare

Target ObamaCarePart time Target employees…….no health care for YOU! (but don’t worry, it is for your own good)

Many companies have stopped offering health care benefits to part timers (some of the bigger ones are Home Depot, Walmart, Trader Joe’s) and now Target has joined that list. Hoping to avoid any backlash, they are putting a unique spin on the decision saying that it is actually in the best interests of their part time employees to cut off health benefits.

How could it possibly be in the employee’s best interests? The official notification of this new policy (you can read it here) says that right now only 10% of part timers pay for health insurance anyway. So I guess they are implying it isn’t that big a deal to begin with.

The other reason is that they will be freeing all part time employees to get insurance through the ObamaCare website where they might qualify for subsidies. If Target continued to offer insurance, that might disqualify those employees from signing up to ObamaCare where they might be able to get better rates due to the tax break.

This is going to be a trend that we will likely see played out over and over again this year as companies come face to face with the ObamaCare mandate in 2015. It is just too easy for them to discontinue part timer’s health care and as a reason state that the employees have a better option in ObamaCare. Probably most companies that now pay health care to part time workers will choose to do that.