Tennessee Health Insurance Exchange

* Tennessee will NOT set up a state health insurance exchange.
* Tennessee is UNDECIDED on expanded Medicaid

No State Health Insurance Exchange For Tennessee

While Governor Bill Haslam originally leaned toward creating a state marketplace, he eventually decided against it. Citing too many unknowns and too little information coming from Washington, he announced in December 2012 that Tennessee would be defaulting to the federal exchange.

That means if you live in Tennessee and need health care insurance coverage for 2014, you should go to the federal exchange at healthcare.gov. While the health plans may not be tailored especially for your state, the President Obama has promised that coverage would be available to everyone even if you have a preexisting condition. It is the law starting on January 1, 2014 that everyone in America who is 18 years of age and older have health insurance. The Affordable Care Act was challenged many times and went all the way to the Supreme Court which upheld a majority of the new law.





Tennessee Expanded Medicaid Dilema

As of June 9 2013, the fate of Medicaid in Tennessee is still unclear. Governor Haslam is trying to enact some kind of compromise expansion that does not fall under the control of the Affordable Care Act. He doesn’t want to grow Medicaid as mandated in the ACA and is trying to get legislators to agree on expanding private insurance and making that more affordable for low income earners.