Texas Health Insurance Exchange

* Texas will NOT have its own health insurance exchange.
* Texas will NOT have initiate expanded Medicaid.

No Texas Health Insurance Marketplace

To no one’s surprise, Texas has elected not to set up its own health insurance exchange. Rick Perry’s assertive letter to DHHS plainly stated that he finds everything about the Affordable Care Act to be an intrusion into people’s rights. Texas will not participate in any of it willingly.

Resident’s of Texas who don’t have health care insurance will have to use the federal exchange on October 1, 2013. It is estimated that more than 6 million people in Texas do not have health insurance. The job of disseminating information about the Affordable Care Act and the federal health insurance exchange will fall mostly on private groups as the state government has so far done little to publicize the new laws.

States run by Republicans are more likely to refuse to set up insurance marketplaces than states run by liberal Democrats. In the case of Texas, the governor and legislature is mostly Republican and strongly against the federal government getting involved in health care.




Expanded Medicaid Will Not Pass In Texas

Rick Perry has made sure there won’t be any expansion of Medicaid in his state either. Just like other states that have chosen not to participate in that aspect of the PPACA, he believes it to be too costly and an over reach by the United States government. Anyone hoping for the expansion will have to wait until at least 2015 or later when different legislators are in power.