Vermont Health Insurance Exchange

* Vermont WILL have state health insurance exchange.
* Vermont is UNDECIDED on expanding its Medicaid system in accordance with the ACA.

Vermont Health Connect Insurance Exchange

Vermont Health Insurance ExchangeThe Affordable Care Act gave states the choice of setting up their own health marketplaces or using a federal marketplace. Vermont is one of the states that chose to create their own exchange and it can be found here: Vermont Health Connect.

Starting in October of 2013 individuals and small businesses who need health plans can go there to shop for affordable coverage that can’t be denied for any reason. Obama Care is popular in Vermont as it is a Democrat stronghold and the idea of government taking a bigger role in health care is a welcome one for state residents.

The website has posted a list of preliminary rates which may change as the open date gets closer. It has also been announced that Vermont will spend $9.5 million dollars on a media campaign designed to introduce people in the state to the new health exchange.

On July 29th, Secretary of State Jim Condos announced that in addition to buying health care, people will be able to register to vote at the Vermont Health Connect website. At this point in time they are the third state to do this, the other two being California and New York.


Will Vermont Get Expanded Medicaid?

Governor Maggie Hassan is in favor of expanding Medicaid and is in the process of trying to push things through. She needs legislative approval that has not happened yet. More than 50,000 low income Vermont resident could benefit from expanded Medicaid if she successfully gets it passed.