Virginia Health Insurance Exchange

* Virginia will NOT have its own health Insurance Exchange
* Virginia is UNDECIDED on whether to pass expanded Medicaid.

No State Heal Insurance Exchange For Virginia

Virginia governor Bob McDonnell had a very tough road deciding what was best for his state. Being a Republican who fiercely disagrees with the Affordable Care Act, he was tempted to have his state start their own exchange. He thought that perhaps it was better to have some control rather than no control as would happen if they went with the federal marketplace to get health coverage.

Ultimately though, all the unknowns and the potential high costs it could entail meant that he and the state legislators failed to get a marketplace off the ground in time. Therefore, all residents of Virginia who need health care in 2014 will need to go to the federally run exchange (at and hope for the best rates.


No Decision on Expanding Medicaid In Virginia

As of August 22, 2013 there has been no official decision on whether to go ahead and expand Medicaid in the state. Reports are that legislatures are leaning against it because of the unknown costs after the first three years. It is a decision every state is having to make and in times of so much economic uncertainty, many are deciding to go the conservative route and not grow Medicaid any bigger. It looks like it will take the next election cycle of choosing a governor to determine whether the state will make the expansion.

The Supreme Court ruled that the ACA could not mandate expanded Medicaid in every state and Virginia looks like it is going to go down to the wire making the decision which would in years to come cost unknown amounts of taxpayer dollars.