What Will My ObamaCare Insurance Cover? Can I Trust My New Health Care Plan?

Before the Affordable Care Act was passed, Nancy Pelosi famously announced “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”.

Now that ObamaCare is the law and people are signing up for health care insurance through healthcare.gov, you might be wondering what you will be getting for your mostly higher premiums and higher deductibles?

Well unfortunately, the answer might be similar to what Ms. Pelosi said the last time. In other words, you’ll have to sign up and pay for ObamaCare¬†before you can find out what you get for it.

ObamaCare Insurance Is Just A Piece Of Paper

Just having health insurance means NOTHING if few doctors and hospitals will honor it. It won’t be until early 2014 when people actually start to try to use their Obamacare insurance before we all find out what its worth.

1) So far we know that many doctors will be retiring if they are near retirement age. They just don’t feel the need to keep working and earning less when they already have enough to retire.

2) We also know that many doctors will be refusing to accept ObamaCare patients. This is similar to the problem people over 65 have faced with Medicare for many years as Medicare pays doctors less so many don’t want to bother with it. ObamaCare will be paying less too and with it comes tons more bureaucratic paperwork.

3) Getting a doctor appointment may get difficult: since more people will have health care insurance, many for the first time, we don’t know how crowded doctor’s offices will get. With fewer doctors and more patients, it looks like wait times to see a doctor might go up.

4) Can you use your doctor? Hopefully you checked with your doctor before you signed up for an ObamaCare plan to see if he/she is participating. Even if you did, things are in such chaos right now that there is no guarantee your insurance will let you see the doctor you choose.

5) Are there any hidden fees? In many cases ObamaCare deductibles have gone up but will there be other additional charges and fees that are unknown at this point? What will happen when we get to our doctor and find that they don’t know what the correct charges are because nothing has been finalized yet? Will we get bills from our doctor or from our insurance company after the fact?

6) Will the price of medications continue to be the same? No one really knows about this one and the only way to find out is the first time in 2014 when you buy them.

The bottom line is that so far, all people have done is sign up and pay for something that has never been used or tested yet. We all know what a disaster the start of ObamaCare has been and how much confusion has surrounded the Affordable Care Act. Is there any reason to actually believe that things will go smoother when people start to try to use the insurance?