Where Is My Health Insurance Rebate?

Health Insurance Rebate CheckDid you get your health insurance rebate yet? Do you expect to get one?

One of the positives of the Affordable Care Act, says President Obama, is that many families will get rebate checks again this summer that average out to about $100 per check. ObamaCare mandated that insurance companies must spend at least 80% of the money they take in through premiums on medical care and not dole it out as salaries, bonuses, or anything else. Because of this health reform, the companies that failed to do that will be required to pay the money back to the insurance holders who are normal families all across America.

Whether you get a check or not will depend on your insurance company and whether they violated the law. Companies that did spend more than 80% on medical costs won’t be required to send out any rebates so people who have insurance through them won’t be getting any check.

The rest of the year is going to see an all out assault by the Obama Administration promoting the Affordable Care Act and the health insurance exchanges. Anything that is a positive about the new law (like these insurance rebate checks) is sure to be touted and yelled from the roof tops of every news outlet Obama can influence. There will be television ads, radio ads, online ads, and print ads everywhere you look. His administration will be talking about health care every chance they get because ObamaCare is the President’s legacy and failure is not an option (at least in his eyes).