Why Does ObamaCare Force Men To Pay For Maternity Coverage?

ObamaCare maternity coverage for men? It seems strange at first that everyone is required to pay for something that obviously only women need. Why on earth do men have to pay for it too?

We all know how politically correct society has become and that especially extends to anything having to do with the government. As ObamaCare is now a federal law, the designers of the law tried hard to make everything as fair as possible in terms of the prices people pay. Specifically, it would look very bad if women were consistently charged more for their health plans than men. THAT would be discrimination and many women would object.

The only way to make every thing equal, is to charge everyone the same amount for each policy whether they are male or female. Otherwise, just because women are women and give birth, they would be charged more for something only God controls. Likewise, the law makes sure that people with pre-existing conditions are not charged more than people who are healthy. Remember, this was supposed to be “affordable” health care for EVERYONE. To make that happen, many groups have to pay more than they technically should.

There are now many things that ObamaCare covers that your old policy probably didn’t. Things like mental illness,¬†osteoporosis screenings, contraceptives, and breast feeding support. While those things only apply to a section of the countries population, we will all be paying for them equally under the ACA. This is just one of the reasons that ObamaCare is proving to be a lot more costly than many people thought.

If you wonder why your new ObamaCare insurance premium is so high, look closely at all the fine print to see exactly what it covers. Chances are you don’t need some of that coverage but just like all men have to pay for maternity care, we now all have to share the costs of everything.