Will ObamaCare Be Delayed For Individuals?

Day by day the news is coming out that hardly anyone has signed up for ObamaCare so far. CBS Seattle reported on November 11, 2013 that so far ZERO people have signed up through the Cover Oregon website. Again, that is ZERO people!

Obama’s administration is supposed to come out with numbers this week for the national health exchange but everyone close to him is saying the number is going to be low. If they are trying to brace the public for a low number before they come out, the numbers must REALLY be low. Memo’s that have leaked project the total number to be less than 50,000 which is just one tenth of what the administration had hoped for in the first month.

Already the employer mandate has been delayed a year into 2015 and the individual mandate has been delayed into March 2014. Clearly, if no one is signing up, either because they can’t or they don’t want to, the individual mandate is going to have to be waived for 2014 as well. You can’t have a law that makes people do something they are physically incapable of doing which is the case now.

Obama has promised that the healthcare.gov website would be fully functional at the end of November 2013. Yet, this is the same man that guaranteed it would be ready on October 1 so what he promises is clearly not reliable.

Every day that goes by without improvement in the site’s usability makes the probability of the individual mandate being delayed to 2015. Additionally, by delaying ObamaCare to 2015 would mean people get less pissed off in 2014 and give his Democrat party a better chance at the polls in November 2014. So, not only is there a technical reason for delaying ObamaCare for individuals there is also a political reason which is why it seems likely that it will be postponed into 2015 or delayed even further into 2014.