Will ObamaCare Let Me Keep My Doctor?

At this time, the answer to that question is UNKNOWN!

One of the now infamous ObamaCare promises the President made was that you can keep your doctor if you like your doctor. No one would make you change doctors. Of course along with that promise he said you could keep your health plan if you like it and we now know that was untrue.

ObamaCare is unraveling everyday as people start to analyze what is really written in those 2000 pages that comprise the Affordable Care Act. The firestorm right now involves higher prices and whether you will be able to keep your own plan. But a new worry could soon surface as people start to realize that keeping their desired doctor is no guarantee.

2014 Will Bring Surprises

Right now everything is speculation because people are just starting to sign up for ObamaCare. But come January 1, 2014 the new health plans will actually be active and we will all see what we actually get for the higher rates that we are paying. One of the constant concerns about the new law was how it was gong to affect the level of care? So much is gong to be changing for doctors and hospitals and a lot more people will theoretically be in the system getting care. This could greatly lower the level of care we all receive.

We areĀ seeing that many hospitals and doctors are now trying to opt out of ObamaCare. In other words, they don’t want to have to take ObamaCare patients because they won’t make as much by treating them. In the future, President Obama may try to make it mandatory for doctors and hospitals to take all patients but we aren’t there yet. So, whether you can keep your doctor might even depend on whether your doctor wants to keep you as a patient if you sign up under ObamaCare!

So far, ObamaCare has been an absolute mess and there is no indication that things will get better any time soon. We are just in the very beginning stages of the law and how it eventually plays out is totally unknown. One problem is that the law changes the playing field for the whole health care industry and at this stage, no one knows how all the pieces will fit together. We don’t even know if the pieces will ever fit together.