Wisconsin Health Insurance Exchange

* Wisconsin will NOT start its own health insurance exchange.
* Wisconsin will NOT vote for expanded Medicaid via the ACA but do it on its own instead.

Wisconsin Opts For The Federal Exchange Instead of State Health Insurance Exchange

Surprising no one, Governor Scott Walker announced that Wisconsin would not be setting up any health insurance marketplace.

Originally in favor of a state exchange, Walker eventually decided the long term risk to state taxpayers outweighed any benefits they might get. He felt a state exchange would essentially be the same thing as a federal health exchange so there was no reason to commit taxpayers to something that no one truly understands. Walker is strongly agains the Affordable Care Act and what he perceives to be a takeover of the health industry by the federal government.

If you live in Wisconsin, starting October 1, 2013 you can go to the national health insurance exchange (link is below) to look for insurance if you don’t have any now through your employer.



Wisconsin Goes Its Own Way In Expanding Medicaid

Walker has also rejected any Medicaid expansion under the ACA in the state due to his fear and distrust of the debt beleaguered federal government. Although Wisconsin would get money from Washington to help with the expansion for the first three years, there is no guarantee that money would be there in future years. The out of control debt this country is in has forced many state governors to not trust the federal government and be extremely wary of any promises it makes.

Instead, Walker’s most recent two budgets that have been passed have included more than 2 billion dollars in increases to Medicaid. State residents are getting the benefits of more Medicaid without all the chaos, uncertainty, and regulations that come with ObamaCare. The Affordable Care Act is in disarray to some degree right now as all sorts of government agencies scramble to meet the deadline.