Wyoming Health Insurance Exchange

* Wyoming will NOT establish its own health insurance exchange.
* Wyoming will probably NOT expand Medicaid to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

No Wyoming State Health Insurance Exchange

Having missed the deadline to create their own exchange, people living in Wyoming will have to use the federal health insurance marketplace when searching for insurance starting October 1, 2013. Governor Matt Mead has announce that the state would default to the federal exchange but that it reserves the right to create its own sometime in the future.

Wyoming has a lot of Republicans who are anti Obama Care and thus the hesitation to jump in and create a state exchange. Watching what the federal marketplace does right and wrong and then making a decision from there seems to be the course of action chosen by legislators. Estimates are that it will be at least 2 years (2016) before there is a possibility of a state health insurance exchange if legislators ever choose to create one.



Expanded Medicaid Is Doubtful In Wyoming

Governor Matt Mead has said that if his state is to get expanded Medicaid, he wants it done right and in a manner that really benefits residents. Hesitant to rush forward and expand it along the lines of the ACA, he wants to make sure the state can afford to expand it and he remains skeptical of the United States government promises of funding.

Most recently in February 2013 the Wyoming House failed to pass a bill that would have included expanded Medicaid so it looks extremely doubtful anything productive will happen in time for 2014. That doesn’t mean, however, that the state will never get expanded Medicaid as legislatures could pass some version of it in future years.