Your Doctor May Not Want To Keep You If You Sign Up For ObamaCare

By now we all now about President Obama’s lie that everyone who wants to keep their health care can keep it. Period. <–The Lie

The problem is that he also lied about being able to keep the doctors that you like. You see, many doctors don’t like ObamaCare because they will make less money and so they are choosing not to accept patients who have insurance through Even if you like your doctor, he may not like you if you sign up for ObamaCare.

It has been reported that up to 70% of doctors in California are boycotting the state health exchange and not participating. This is NOT a problem that you will read about on Cover California as they want to keep it a secret. Stories like this are coming in from all across America as doctors in all states are faced with the prospect of working for much less than they did before the ACA kicked in. These are the doctors that have gone to school for years on end, incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, and studied hard so that they could help society. These doctors are now faced with a government telling them that they will be making less and less and having to work harder to do it.

This is a problem that may explode in 2014 as the number of doctors and nurses declines and the number of patients goes up. Will President Obama make it illegal for doctors to boycott ObamaCare? Can he tell a person they HAVE to work and accept all patients? No one knows the answer to this right now but one thing is clear: based on what has happened with the horrible rollout of ObamaCare so far, chances are that 2014 is going to bring a lot of pain to many Americans as they struggle to find insurance and the doctors who will take it.

Before you sign up for any ObamaCare plan you think you want, it would be in your best interest to call your doctor and find out whether he/she will still take you. If not, find out from them what kind of insurance they will take and try to figure out a solution with them.